Out of the Office: The Speed Demons of Wiredcraft

On Friday, the Wiredcraft team went fast. Really fast.

Every month, Wiredcraft hosts a team-building event. In the past, we’ve gone rock climbing, had a pizza-making competition, went to batting cages etc…

This September, we went go-karting and enjoyed a delicious, spicy team dinner at a local Thai restaurant.

As we whipped around the track, our competitive sides were brought out, but we all had a great time. You can’t see, but we promise big smiles were under those helmets.

Wiredcraft Team Building Helmets

Who is the fastest Wiredcraft team member?

That’d be Vincent, our R&D virtuoso. Vincent had our fastest lap at 34.84 seconds and a top speed of 23.48 m/s.

Wiredcraft Go Karting Team Buildign

When we weren’t cheering our other team members on, we drinking at the watering hole (aka. a pitcher of Asahi) and playing foosball and pool.

This was a great opportunity for our two new team members to get to know the rest of the team.

If you are looking for help with planning your next team-building event, we have a post on how we plan our team buildings.

We’re hiring. Join our team, build stuff that matters, and have a great time, too!

Katie Richard
Online Marketing
Posted on September 17, 2015 in Company

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