Happy International Women's Day from Wiredcraft

At Wiredcraft, where half of our employees are women, we extend our warmest wishes for a Happy International Women's Day to all women. We are committed to continuing our efforts in creating an even more women-friendly workplace.

As International Women’s Day unfolds, at Wiredcraft we want to take a moment to celebrate the incredible women who are not just part of Wiredcraft but also the wider world.

  • A balanced team: As a digital consultancy, our experts specialize in technology, data, design, and strategic consulting. Half of our employees are women who lead in areas such as human resources, business, marketing, digital consulting, design, project management, and finance.

  • Women’s Day celebration: We honor the achievements of women with a half-day off and special gifts to all our female employees, encouraging reflection and celebration of their invaluable contributions.

  • Inclusive parental leave: Embracing equality, we support all parents with comprehensive leave, ensuring everyone can cherish those precious early moments.

Our commitment doesn’t stop at our office doors. We’re in the trenches, advocating for women’s professional growth:

  • One of our esteemed team members is leading the charge at the International Professional Women’s Society (IPWS) in Shanghai, driving change and empowerment.

  • We partner with women-friendly brands like Nike, Zara, and COS, helping to boost their digital presence and champion a world that celebrates and supports women’s achievements.

At Wiredcraft, International Women’s Day is more than a date on the calendar: it’s a reminder of our ongoing mission to forge a tech industry where gender equality isn’t an aspiration but a reality.

Our approach is simple: create an environment where women thrive, support initiatives that empower women.

Happy International Women’s Day, wishing you happiness, freedom, and joy.

Xinyi Song
Digital Marketing Manager
Posted on March 08, 2024 in Company

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