What is it like working at Wiredcraft?

What is it like working at Wirecraft and how versatile could our teammates be?

Competitive benefits package, work-life balanced environment, women-friendly workplace… what is it like working at Wiredcraft?

In such a flexible and diverse environment, how do our teammates get inspired to develop their specialties? Check it out!

DevOps x Boxing


DevOps Director, joined Wiredcraft in 2018

As the DevOps Director, Kaleo handles the tech stuff for infrastructure and projects.

Off duty, Kaleo loves cycling, hiking, water sports, and he is an amateur boxer.

Super skilled, down-to-earth, and low-key powerful, Kaleo is a Wiredcraft icon, no doubt about it.


1. What is your specialty? Share your experience with us!

After work, I enjoy boxing training, and I’ve been consistently training since 2021.

I chose it because besides working out, boxing significantly toughens one’s mentality.

Practicing boxing exposes you to instinctive fears rarely encountered in daily life.

I’ve even participated in some amateur matches, narrowly winning one with a close score.

2. What is it like working at Wiredcraft?

Full of respect, sincerity and openness.

We all understand the importance of work-life balance, so we try not to disturb each other after work hours. No need to explain personal reasons when taking leave.

Whether it’s casual chats or work discussions, we communicate openly and honestly.

If there’s an issue, it’s addressed directly, no beating around the bush. Genuine and efficient, it’s the typical engineer style.

Whether it’s choosing new technologies or implementing new company processes, individual suggestions are always valued.


3. How’s the perks at Wiredcraft?

Let me spill the beans on some team-building events I’ve been part of: Bali vacations, golf, go-karting, paddleboarding, Disney trips, and skiing.

The fitness reimbursement also saved me a good chunk on my boxing training expenses.

4. Say something to our future teammates!

There are countless great coffee shops around the office. Let’s go grab one after lunch!

Business x Versatility


Account Manager, joined Wiredcraft in April, 2023

Salina is a rockstar on our gold-tier sales team, rocking the daily grind of business development, client management, and all things pre-sales.

Whether it’s Mandarin, English, or Cantonese, she flips between them like a pro.

In her off-hours, she’s a jack-of-all-trades, mastering piano, pipa, ukulele, Chinese folk dance, pop vocals, kayaking, windsurfing, and more.


1. Let us know more about your specialities!

I indulge myself in art activities during my leisure time.

I have obtained a Level 13 certificate on Chinese folk dance from the Beijing Dance Academy after over 10 years of dancing.

I especially enjoy the time on the stage when I can fully immerse myself into my character.

Playing ukulele is also what I will do after work. The time playing and singing with my friends is truly pressure-free and satisfying.

2. How do you feel working at Wiredcraft?

  • Diverse: We have team members from around the globe (China’s Mainland, France, Germany, USA, Hong Kong SAR, etc.)

  • Flexible: We don’t only work in 1 way in Wiredcraft. Every member are able to find the best solution to the project with their own experience and strengths.

  • Fast-paced: We are all excellent problem-solver. The Wiredcraft team always solve our client’s problems with exceptional deliverables and input.


3. What are the perks working here?

We have complimentary Friday lunch for the team to enjoy their end-of-week afternoon with their peers.

We also have special celebrations on every major festivals for the team to enjoy.

4. Say something to our future teammates!

Looking forward to meeting you in the office, let’s work on exciting projects and grab lunches together!

Partner x Top chef


Partner and Product Lead, joined Wiredcraft since the very beginning

Quentin is the lead of product team, and also one of the partners. He oversees the Design, Data and Program departments.

After hours, Quentin is all about cooking – he’s Wiredcraft’s undisputed Top Chef!


1. Let us know more about your specialities!

I cook a lot, travel, cook more and love french bulldogs.

I cook since very young. We are three brothers (one of whom is Wiredcraft’s Founder). My mum needed the help to keep with the amount of food that was needed.

2. What is working at Wiredcraft like?

  • Exciting.

We work with the leaders of many sectors, giving us the possibility to see how to approach the Chinese digital landscape from different angles. Team wise, seeing the growth of so many of my colleagues is amazing.

  • Challenging.

We work with the biggest brands you can find.

Their ever changing demands and expectations are high, and we have to keep up with it.

Team wise, being able to understand the needs and trajectory of everyone in the departments I manage is a constant work.

  • Rewarding.

The teams are always delivering at high frequency, being part of this is so rewarding.

Everyone is treated as adults, meaning we understand life is not always as smooth as we would like, meaning we are flexible on our approach if there is no impact on quality.

3. Say something to our future teammates!

Come and let’s kick ass!


Engineer x Therapist


Frontend Enginner, joined Wiredcraft in May, 2022

Alice handles day-to-day tasks related to mini-programs, H5, web and app development.

She enjoys exploring mental and physical well-being in her personal life – from marathons to psychology and social services.

Alice channels her passion to the fullest, not only obtaining various professional qualifications but also winning numerous awards.


1. Can you tell us about your expertise or special skills?

  • Therapy & marathon

I started formal therapy training in October 2020.

It all began when I was working on a mental growth mini-program, participating in a WeChat cloud development competition.

I realized that technology wasn’t the issue; it was the lack of knowledge in psychology.

During formal therapy training, I discovered that someone with a science and engineering background like me could also become a therapist.

So I continued on this path, obtaining the national assistant social worker certificate and the professional qualification certificate for social workers.

I started running in 2018 and began running half marathons in 2019, occasionally venturing into trail running.

To me running is the simplest and full-body exercise that you can do alone or with friends, and it’s a great way to explore different places.

2. How do you feel working at Wiredcraft?

  • Respected & Flexible

Respect for everyone’s personal life, no encroachment on personal time.

Respect for individual choices.

There’s a respectful tone in communication, with no sense of hierarchy.

The work hours are flexible, really flexible. No need to clock in every day, and you can even request to work from home.

Mobile Developer x Astrologist


iOS & App Developer, joined Wiredcraft in March, 2023

Esther’s like a burst of energy, spreading good vibes to everyone around her.

As an iOS and app whiz, she’s all about that tight logic, making sure she nails the code to meet the team and client needs.

Outside of the tech world, she’s the go-to person for outdoor activities or helping you dive into your thoughts with her mystical side.


1. What are your specialties?

  • Tarot and astrology & Outdoor adventures.

I kind of feel like a witch.

When my friends hit roadblocks or can’t decide, I whip out the tarot cards to check their vibes.

Started this gig just last year, and now it’s my secret weapon. I’m into existential philosophy and always curious.

Using the mystical mojo to answer questions? That’s my jam.

I’ve been rocking the outdoor scene for two years. Climbing, hiking, biking – I’m down for it all.

Lately, I’ve been exploring tons of other outdoor stuff, but I’m all about the hardcore, sweat-inducing adventures!

2. What is it like working at Wiredcraft?

Here it’s full of work-life balance, transparency and inclusivity.

It’s a “work hard, play hard” vibe at Wiredcraft. You can genuinely strike a balance between work and life.

We have an All-Hands meeting on the last Thursday of every month where we openly discuss progress, challenges, and achievements. Everything’s out in the open and transparent.

Everyone here is easygoing, super inclusive, and respects the diversity of individuals.

3. Say something to our future teammates!

Join us and have a wonderful experience!


Actually, at Wiredcraft, we’ve got a bunch of incredibly talented, all-around awesome teammates – a mix of beauty, brains, charm, and talent.

When it comes to serving clients, we’re pro and efficient.

Within the team, we’re all about unity and teamwork.

If you want to join the crew, check out our opening positions.

Xinyi Song
Digital Marketing Manager
Posted on November 21, 2023 in Company

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