We’re design, data & technology nerds focused on creating amazing digital products.

Wiredcraft started in Shanghai in 2009, as a small team of digital experts. We split our time between building our own indie SaaS products, and consulting for international development and non-profit organizations (the World Bank, the United Nations...).

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  • 120+
    Team members
  • 2009
  • ~70%

End of 2014 we turned down investment offers into one of our SaaS platforms to focus on creating digital products for some of the largest brands in the world. We’ve been at it ever since, growing at a rapid pace.

With offices in Shanghai and Singapore, we’re constantly looking for smart, passionate folks to join our team.

Our values

  • Tell the Truth

    You will never get in trouble for telling the truth. If you disagree with a decision, speak up.
  • Care

    Everybody on our team cares about what they're working on.
  • Know Why

    You should know why you're doing the things you do.
  • No Ego

    many of us have strong opinions, weakly held. Strong opinions are fine, strong egos aren't.

Wanna learn more about how we do things and our company culture?

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Our team

  • Chopper Lee
    Backend Developer
  • Franziska Jenter
    Program Lead
  • Ian Jiang Meng Yu
    Backend Developer
  • Hazel Wu
  • Jason Wang
    Frontend Developer
  • Johnny Gu
    iOS Developer
  • Juha Suomalainen
    Engineering Director
  • Kaleo Cheng
    Devops Engineer
  • Karen Ren
    Design Lead
  • Kate Wu
    Senior Full Stack Developer
  • Kuno Guan
    Senior Android Developer
  • MaYi
    Full Stack Developer
  • Ning Jiang
    Senior Android Developer
  • Quentin Berder
    Product director
  • Ronan Berder
  • Sayid He
    Senior UI & UX Designer
  • Shawn Zhang
    Android Developer
  • Selie Zhuang
    Operations Director
  • Tony Hwang
    Frontend Developer
  • Tracy Wang
    Operations Assistant
  • Vera Zhao
    Quality Assurance
  • Vincent Viallet
  • Xavier Zhou
    Lead Software Engineer
  • Xincen Han
    Senior UI & UX Designer
  • Xinyi Song
    Digital Marketing Manager
  • Yijun Lu
    Senior UI & UX Designer
  • Youyi Wang


If you want to write about Wiredcraft, our work, our conferences and events or our culture, reach out to our team or come pay us a visit in Shanghai, Paris or Berlin. The press kit below includes our logos, company introduction and profile of our founder.

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