Wiredcraft goes live!


It took us some time to get everything ready but we finally reached that point where we can publicly tell people what we’ve been up to lately. As many of our friends already know, we are putting together a small team of Drupal experts here in Shanghai, with myself and Jacob Redding to lead the business and management sides of the company, and as you already know, we baptized our shop Wiredcraft.

Our intent in the next few months, beyond satisfying our existing clients, is to grow our team with some fresh blood: we have experience training PHP developers to Drupal and see great potential here in China. We already have a staff that is expert at dealing with most of Drupal’s concepts, but feel like this is not going to be enough to meet the demand.

Our services reflect our wide range of skills; from theming and design to custom development and consulting, we are confident we will bring a valuable expertise to all our future customers. We’ll continue organizing regular events for the local community of developers and hope to foster Open Source in China.

If you are looking for Drupal specialists, Web experts who understand the Chinese market or simply wishes to help us organize some Open Source initiatives, send us an email.

Picture in Creative Common from Steve Jurvetson

Ronan Berder
Posted on May 07, 2009 in Company

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