What's up, Shane

Meet Shane, our latest hire, who just joined our Front-end team in Shanghai .

Shane recently joined Wiredcraft’s Shanghai team as a front-end developer. She graduated from DHU with a degree in Software Engineering. With her experience in both back-end and front-end development, she hopes to become a great full-stack developer one day.

Q: What are the three things you like about Wiredcraft?

A: The funny job description really caught my attention, it perfectly described my previous situation when it spoke about being tired with old, static technology. I want do something new and interesting, so I came here. And after I joined, I found that my co-workers are very friendly and the work environment is comfortable and relaxing.

Q: What’s the most adventurous experience you have had?

A: That’s really hard to answer, but I can say that getting out of your comfort zone and pursuing your goals can be a meaningful, adventurous experience in itself.

Q: If there’s one thing you recommend everyone in the world to do, what would it be?

A: Exercise! A healthy body improves your overall quality of life.

In her spare time, Shane likes to watch movies, work out at the gym and read different kinds of books.

Posted on October 16, 2017 in Company

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