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Hiya Mary

Mary Ma on

Hiya, Mary, our new member of the Front-end team in Shanghai

Mary joins the Wiredcraft team in Shanghai as a front-end developer. As a programmer, she is passionate about new technology and coding, and looks forward to working with everyone and growing at the same time.

She has recently graduated from Qingdao Technological University with a degree in Information and Computer Science. During her time at school, she loved exploring and traveling very much, having travelled to Yantai, Xi’an and Hangzhou. She enjoys going to different places and meeting new people.

Mary doesn’t limit herself to just girly activities. In college, she learnt the art of nunchakus and met many interesting people through that. Mary loves mystery novels and suspense films and her favorite author is Keigo Higashino. Currently she is learning to play the harmonica, as she wishes to become more artistic.