Join Wiredcraft as an apprentice

Want to join us but not there yet with your design, tech, data or strategy skills? Join our apprenticeship program and get a chance to learn by doing.

Our team has pretty high expectations when it comes to recruiting; we interview less than 10% of applicants and send an offer to less than 2% of them.

However, once in a while we run into somebody we think has potential but wouldn’t make it through this process.

This is what an apprenticeship is for: a 3 to 12 month paid program where you get mentored by more experienced team members with the goal of graduating as a permanent employee at Wiredcraft.

What will you do?

Apprentices contribute to actual projects.

This may be a client project (in which case we won’t bill your time to them), or an internal project (our website, WeChat mini-programs, internal tools…).

What’s in it for apprentices?

Apprentices are paid employees of Wiredcraft.

It is a full time position that comes with a lower salary but includes other benefits (visa, laptop, company lunches, team building, gym membership…).

You’ll get to be mentored by experts in your field, work on actual projects and hopefully get to a place where we can offer you a permanent position.

Who should apply and how?

If you’re not sure you’d qualify, just apply, but a lot of candidates are:

  • Junior programmers, designers or data analysts,
  • Bootcamp graduates,
  • People looking for a career change (e.g. moving from business to digital strategy).

Apprentices go through the same interview process as regular candidates.

You can either find a position on our careers page that is close enough to what you’re interested in and check the “apprenticeship” checkbox when you apply, or drop us a line by email with your info.

Ronan Berder
Posted on August 15, 2019 in Company

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