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Hola Coco

Coco Yu on

Coco joins Wiredcrat Shanghai team as an Online Marketer

Coco joined the Shanghai Wiredcraft team as an Online Marketer. Before coming to Shanghai, she studied, worked and lived in the UK, the US, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Spain. As a curious human being, she picked up four majors: economics, communication, sociology and psychology during her studies. She always tends to see the world in a different way, and likes to apply this to her work. She brings her experience in events and public relations from many different industries including journalism, finance, arts and start-ups to the Wiredcraft team.

Coco cares about environmental issues, the LGBT community and a sharing economy. Her inquisitive nature lends to her interest in communication and making new friends. She loves capoeira, stand-up comedy, rock climbing and salsa.