Supporting Hilton’s digital play across Asia

We’ve led Hilton’s digital transformation in China, we’re now supporting them in South Korea and Japan as well.

Wiredcraft has been Hilton’s leading digital partner for China since 2017.

Last year, in response to the increasing demand for seamless online experiences, Hilton entrusted us with their websites in Japan and South Korea.

Our team combined cloud architecture, DevOps, project management and QA expertise to modernize their websites, enhance reliability, and pave the way for future digital innovations.

This involved setting up a modern cloud environment in AWS (Amazon Web Services) Japan and South Korea, collaborating closely with existing partners, and optimizing the website codebases.

As Hilton’s chosen digital partner in the region, we’re focused on delivering reliable and agile solutions across to support their growth across APAC.

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Xinyi Song
Digital Marketing Manager
Posted on September 06, 2023 in Case studies

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