Hey, Charlie

Charlie has joined the Wiredcraft as a developer intern. He loves Python, Javascript, and C++ and has a great passion for learning code. He received his bachelor’s degree from South-West Petroleum University and majored in software engineering.

He is currently pursuing his master’s degree from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Previously, Charlie held internships at Symantec, Microsoft Open Technology, and Deepglint, where he worked with a team to develop products, gaining experience on all aspects of production, from design to delivery.

Charlie In the Kitchen

Charlie actively contributes to the open source community; he served as the chairman of Open Source Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences OpenCAS. He has organized events such as PyCon 2014 Beijing, Software Freedom Day - SFD@CAS, and collaborates with other open source communities. He started OpenCAS Mirrors Project in March 2015, which has been mentioned in CentOS’s, EPEL’s and CRAN’s official list.

Posted on September 25, 2015 in Company

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