Hey there, Sayid

Meet Sayid, our latest hire, who just joined our Design team in Shanghai.

I’m Sayid and I’ve just joined Wiredcraft as a UI/UX designer. The culture of ‘get sh*t done’ combined with creativity and engineering really appealed to me.

I enjoy coding, and am learning it in my spare time because I think it can help to solve many problems. I’ve recently been playing around with a Raspberry Pi and set up a VPN router at home, so my next task might be to use Arduino and Raspberry Pi to do more interesting things.

I like asking why, and want to understand the reasons behind things. So one of my hobbies is reading books about philosophy. Even though you can’t find the ultimate answer in a lot of these books, I enjoy the process behind it. I recently read a novel about the Second World War called Catch-22, and Gu Wen Guan Zhi, which is an example of Chinese Classical Literature.

I like live music, mainly post-rock or ambient music. If you are interested, let’s go to a gig sometime!

Sayid He
Senior UI & UX Designer
Posted on August 16, 2018 in Company

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