Hello, Eddy

Meet Eddy, our latest hire, who just joined our Back-end team in Shanghai.

My name is Eddy Dong. I’m from Yancheng, Jiangsu province and I speak Mandarin and English. I live in Pudong and will move to Jingan after quarantine.

Before joining Wiredcraft, I was working in a metaverse company as a backend developer.

1. What hobbies do you have?

DOTA2, badminton. Rock Climbing is my newest hobby.

2. What’s the most underestimated talent you have?

Planting flowers and raising pets.

3. What’s the most adventurous experience you have had?

Chose a university 2 thousand away from home after the college entrance examinations.

4. What is the one thing you hope you’ll do in your lifetime?

Feed a Maine Coon Cat.

5. If there’s one thing you recommend everyone in the world to do, what would it be?

Keep the habit of reading and learning.

6. What brought you to become a developer? Are there any aspects of the job excites you the most?

I want to develop widely acclaimed applications. The process of finding and fixing bugs excites me most.

7. What was the project your are most proud of? And what were some challenges you had before?

I participated in the development of a community app as a backend developer and finished it from 0 to 1 at my first job. Project architecture, database design, service deployment,etc… Everything is new and each day I learn more than the day before.

8. What are top 3 digital products you would recommend others to use and What is a good design?

BiliBili, Netease Cloud Music, Zhihu. For videos, musics and knowledge.

9. What are some new technologies you’d like to explore in the future?

Cooking and diving.

10. What are the three things you like about Wiredcraft? Or what attracted you to apply here?

  1. Work-Life-Balance
  2. Work with people from different countries is very interesting.
  3. Many projects use different technologies and I can learn much more in them.

11. What do you want to achieve in Wiredcraft?

  1. Learn more through project development not limited to backend or nodejs.
  2. Developing the best products with all talented colleagues.

12. If you could have one of the super powers, which power you’d like to have? (everlasting memory, debug anything with my mind, bring people back to life,……)

Teleport. I can go to anywhere I want immediately.

Juha Suomalainen
Engineering Director
Posted on April 20, 2022 in Company

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