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Heading to DrupalCon Copenhagen 2010

Ronan Berder on

Our crazy trip from Shanghai to Copenhagen, through Beijing and Moscow

It’s that time of the year again when most of Drupal addicts are heading to the same location to meet, share, and overall geek the Drupal way.

This time, I won’t do the trip alone as both Makara and Howell (Senior Web Engineers at Wiredcraft) are coming along with me. Makara has been doing Drupal development for about 3 years, is an admin for the Chinese Simplified translation of Drupal, is involved in the redesign’s Solr implementation and has already contributed several modules and patches. Howell as well has been contributing modules and patches and has co-authored the first Chinese Drupal book. I myself have been involved for about 4 or 5 years and am currently a permanent member of the Drupal Association.

Given the fact that we are traveling in group, we found ourselves with only one option to reach Copenhagen; catching a flight a Beijing with a transfer in Moscow. So we ended up with a bit of a crazy schedule; heading to Beijing on August 19 to give a one day training to one of our client, then meet with the Beijing community of Drupal developers at an impromptu event, then heading to Moscow and finally Copenhagen.

We’re excited to meet all the Drupal folks there; there will be quite a few Chinese participants this time.