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SweepBoard is getting sexier by the minute

Quentin Berder on

We’ve just released a new version of SweepBoard and we’re pretty psyched. Not only did we cleaned up a lot of our backlog of issues, but we added the multi-repositories support. We have some more coming, but let me walk you through what we’ve just pushed online:

  • Multi repository support: you can now create boards which can combine multiple GitHub repositories into a single Kanban board. This is particularly useful to manage large projects which often span over several repositories.
  • Realtime updates from GitHub: if you update things on GitHub, the changes will now immediately appear on SweepBoard. This means your team can independently update and categorize issues with or without SweepBoard; your boards will always be up to date.
  • Wizard: we added a wizard for new users to walk them through the main features of SweepBoard.
  • Pull request: we are now styling pull requests differently from regular issues.
  • Github events: we are now displaying GitHub events (label changes, assignments, etc.) in the issues threads.
  • We’ve had a bit of fun with our 404 page.

There are a lot more features coming in the next few weeks, including:

Go to to sign up: it’s free.

Come chat with us if you have issues or suggestions. You can also drop us a line at [email protected].

Happy kanban-ing!