Galderma expands globally with comprehensive playbook and optimized digital strategy

Wiredcraft facilitated Galderma's global growth through two main initiatives: crafting a playbook for the global loyalty program and enhancing the digital strategy to bolster international customer engagement.

Skincare giant Galderma is the first brand of its kind to enter China’s medical aesthetic market. With “advancing dermatology for every skin story” as its core philosophy, Galderma announced its IPO this year. It is reportedly expected to be one of Europe’s largest in 2024

Galderma is strategically positioned in key areas of Injectable Aesthetics, Dermatological Skincare, and Therapeutic Dermatology. The Swiss brand partnered with Wiredcraft in 2021 to create a digital platform that trains local healthcare professionals using both global and local content.

This time, the partnership expanded to include global market efforts. Galderma once again chose Wiredcraft for its global loyalty program and Aesthetic business unit digital strategy.

We created a playbook for Galderma’s global loyalty program tailored for local markets, with Brazil serving as the pilot to test the strategy. Additionally, we reorganized its global digital ecosystem.

What have we done

  • Audit & benchmark

  • User segmentation

  • Localization playbook

  • Stakeholder interviews

  • Digital strategy

  • Workshop

  • Technology consulting

Practical, testified playbook for Galderma global loyalty program

Building on the longstanding success of the US ASPIRE program, Galderma aimed to expand its vision to implement a global loyalty program that could be customized for various markets while maintaining a consistent brand essence globally. This playbook outlined the framework for local adaptations of the global loyalty program, using the pilot example from Brazil to guide other markets.

Align with global requirements, we outlined the essential components of the unified loyalty program that were to be implemented universally and delved into details of the direct inputs for the local teams.

We also conducted a strategy workshop and alignment sessions to help the brand understand their targeted audience and explore the rewards & tactics for the desired behavior.

Optimized Aesthetic business unit digital strategy

The Aesthetic business unit is committed to delivering premium and comprehensive digital experiences. To achieve this, Galderma was focusing on a cohesive and seamless integration of all digital initiatives planned for long-term.

Galderma was addressing key challenges within its digital ecosystem by seeking to streamline user journeys across multiple touchpoints.

Wiredcraft’s approach involved overhauling the disjointed digital framework to streamline processes, clarify roles, and integrate touchpoints into a cohesive ecosystem. We provided clearer vision and optimized customer journey.

We developed strategies to ensure that even after localization, all digital content and interactions would retain a consistent brand tone, reinforcing Galderma’s global identity.

Our collaboration included mapping out a holistic digital strategy that not only addressed current inefficiencies but also set the stage for scalable innovation.

This project strengthened the trusted relationship between Wiredcraft and Galderma, highlighting our commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions in the medical industry. We enhanced the brand’s service to end consumers and healthcare professionals worldwide.

By expanding our services to the medical sector, Wiredcraft had reinforced its expertise and dedication to supporting healthcare brands.

Explore more about our collaboration with Galderma

Xinyi Song
Digital Marketing Manager
Posted on April 17, 2024 in Case studies

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