COS takes engagement to the next level with revamped membership mini-program

With a successful partnership with COS, Wiredcraft once again assisted the brand in revamping the COS membership mini-program, aimed at fostering stronger connections and offering an unparalleled member experience.

COS, standing for “Collection of Style,” has established itself as a fashion powerhouse known for its minimalist and contemporary designs. With its roots in Scandinavian aesthetic principles, COS has captivated a substantial following in China, with customers who highly appreciate the brand’s focus on quality, sustainability, and its unique blend of classic and modern styles.

Dedicated to providing better services to COS members, the brand is constantly seeking to enhance engagement through the integration of brand storytelling elements. In 2022, Wiredcraft designed the COS空间 Membership mini-program, significantly enhancing user engagement and customer lifetime value with its innovative design and user experience. The membership mini-program was envisioned as a digital hub for COS, extending beyond the realm of a conventional e-commerce platform on WeChat to become a space where customers could engage more intimately with the brand.

Driven by a commitment to delivering an unparalleled customer experience and forging deeper connections with its Chinese members, COS is embracing bolder strategies with renewed vigor. In this spirit of innovation and dedication, COS once again partnered with Wiredcraft. This collaboration focused  on a strategic overhaul of the mini-program, incorporating an optimized design system and refined UI/UX strategies aimed at significantly elevating customer engagement.

What have we done

  • Audit & benchmark

  • Design system

  • UI/UX strategy

  • Project management

  • Product management

Double the benefits, double the fun: 会员礼遇周 Membership Appreciation Week designated for VIPs

Wiredcraft introduced the “会员礼遇周 Membership Appreciation Week,” a pivotal component of the enhanced COS membership experience, featuring a variety of engaging point-based activities. Starting on the 15th of every month, members can enjoy double points, redeem points for gifts and coupons, make event reservations, and access exclusive services. This initiative aims to enrich the overall membership experience by offering more value and engagement opportunities.

In the other three weeks, we also recommended engaging members with brand strategies that incorporate gamification, such as collecting points, playing with a digital claw machine games for limited-edition gifts, and customizing emojis.

Explore with ease: The new look of COS空间

Contemporary style, designed to last. Sustainability stands as a core for COS. At the heart of COS’s identity are its vibrant organic communities and the compelling narratives of its members, who actively contribute to campaigns that celebrate and empower women, delve into their boundless potential, and navigate the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary culture as featured in COS Magazine.

Leveraging these robust branding pillars, Wiredcraft implemented a refined UI/UX strategy that would offer members an immersive experience without compromising branding elements. We introduced an interactive carousel, seamlessly integrating diverse content from the latest collections, and columns like “COS and Friends” (community and member stories), “COS WOMEN” (insightful and empowering stories about women) and “COS Magazine” (cultural exploration). This curated approach not only offers members a seamless and engaging digital encounter but also spark their curiosity to discover and connect deeper with the brand’s ethos.

(These mockups are provisional designs by Wiredcraft, reflecting our UI/UX strategy. They serve solely as initial representations for development discussions and should not be viewed as the final version of the COS空间 mini-program.)

Elevated experience with exclusive membership tiers

COS indicated a strategic move towards providing a more premium, luxury-like experience for its members. This approach involved tailoring exclusive services and membership mechanisms that resonate with the expectations of consumers who value exclusivity, personalized experiences, and high levels of service.

In the exclusive members’ area of the COS空间 mini-program, Wiredcraft optimized the membership mechanism to foster consumption and reward loyalty, with levels categorized as V1 to V3 — namely COS New Friend, COS Good Friend, and COS Best Friend. This system aimed to instill a sense of advancement, unlocking new benefits and encouraging deeper engagement among users. Moreover, we introduced tutorials for members on how to accumulate additional points, thereby enhancing their membership status. This strategy is intended to attract new members, re-engage existing ones, and ultimately drive conversions.

Beyond the typical rewards of additional coupons and points, members attaining higher tiers can access a suite of exclusive benefits. These tailored services include laundry services, personal consultations with an offline stylist, and privileged access to exclusive events, offering a more customized and engaging experience for members.

Xinyi Song
Digital Marketing Manager
Posted on March 04, 2024 in Case studies

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