The new Reliefweb

Launching a new version of with Development Seed and OCHA

Information on Emergencies and Disasters with Speed and Reliability

ReliefWeb, spawned by OCHA (the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs), has been providing around the clock information on humanitarian emergencies and disasters since 1996. The site delivers reports, maps and job opportunities to the humanitarian community and helps countless organizations coordinating emergency assistance. In 2011, United Nations wanted to bring ReliefWeb into the 21st century.

The site was developed by Development Seed who handed it over to us in January. We managed the content migration, launch and maintenance of the new ReliefWeb website, providing reliable and swift access to over 350,000 reports and 20,000 maps. We provided continued expansion and and improvement for the site. Our agile approach allowed for fast iterations and multiple QA sessions allowing for timely adjustments while coordinating with OCHA and the Development Seed teams in different time zones.


  • Released April 2011
  • 350,000 reports
  • 150,000 registered users
  • over 100,000 subscribers
  • 20,000 maps,
  • more than 2,200 disasters reported and mapped

Prioritized Performance. Ensured speed and reliability even for high traffic surges during humanitarian disasters.

Disasters Mapped on ReliefWeb

Scalability for a growing network of over 150,000 users.

Network of Users

Migration of 350,000 reports, 150,000 registered users, and 20,000 maps to a faster and more robust platform.

ReliefWeb Update

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