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Help us run our Shanghai office smoothly

Office administrator (Shanghai).
We're looking for an operational virtuoso to help us run our business and HR running smoothly

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Feel like operations are boring? Certainly not with us!

You may have been stuck for a couple years doing the same repetitive tasks over and over; payroll here, fapiao there… With little to no room for you to grow. Quite frankly, you have good reasons to be bored.

We’re growing fast, close to 100% growth on staff year-over-year. We’re nerds and creatives creating digital products for Google, the World Bank, PwC, the UN, Starbucks as well as startups.

That’s why we need you. We need somebody to help us keep our Shanghai office running, from helping with contracting and HR to dealing with the logistic of organizing a BBQ for our team.

What you would be in charge of…

With the help of our leadership, marketing and employee happiness teams, you would deal with;

  1. Financial planning & Record keeping; you will help us stay on top of the payroll, petty cash, bills, reimbursements… We don’t need you to be an accountant (we have one already), but you need a good sense of financial concepts.
  2. Contracting & Legal; working with the HR and business teams, as well as our lawyer and legal counsel, you’ll help us stay out of trouble and get contracts taken care of.
  3. Logistics; may this be help us plan for moving to a new office, organize a company off-site with HR, or make sure we don’t run out of supplies (or food).

We’re looking for someone who…

  • Can speak Shanghainese & English. We have a fair amount of 老外 on the team and international clients.
  • Is patient and organized.
  • Has some operational experience, 2 or 3 years minimum.
  • Not afraid to be transparent and to take initiatives. We like to work as a team and love people who take the lead.
  • Eager to learn. We encourage people to grow their skills and like to take unusual approaches to solving problems.
  • Brownie points if you have experience with HR or accounting.

What the heck are you waiting for? Join us, seriously.

We’re not only nice people, we do very interesting work:

  1. We do sh*t that matters, working on our own stuff (like and building products for folks you may have heard of like the World Bank or the UN, things like leveraging Open Data to visualize poverty and education, or designing election platforms (not kidding).
  2. We take care of our team. We will get you the gear you want (Macbook, ergonomic chair, standing desk... just ask for it), flexible working hours (and no overtime), paid personal leave, snacks, foosball competitions, WiiU play time, weekly team lunches, team-building events and our yearly company trip (this year was Berlin and Prague for 2 weeks).
  3. We spend a lot of time experimenting with new things. Most of us are dabbling in 2 or 3 fields and we love it when folks decide to learn new stuff (on company time obviously).
  4. We’re very transparent about anything that goes at the company and let people assume the role they feel comfortable with. If you feel like you can do a better job by taking over something, it’s most likely people will be happy to let you try.
  5. We’re distributed, with folks in Berlin, Shanghai, and the US.