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Be social.

Events and Community Manager (Shanghai)
Help develop our brand in the tech community and get people excited about what we do.

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Stuck in the status quo?

You’re a people person - you thrive on bringing people together for a common purpose. You’re an organizational whiz, coordinating and managing events without breaking a sweat. But you’re not feeling challenged in your current role - the strategy and support to grow your communities or events is lacking when you know they could be so much more. You’d resigned yourself to the fact that that’s how things are. But you’re now reading this JD and nodding your head in agreement. Your interest is piqued and you want to know more.

Come and nerd out with us instead. Here’s why:

  1. Total responsibility: you’ll be managing our tech events - everything from branding, coordinating, reporting and improving. You’ll also be in charge of building our communities via WeChat, and experimenting on how to grow and engage our members.
  2. Work that actually means something: your events will drive tangible results, whether that’s creating business leads, increasing job applications, or simply getting our name out there. You’ll be using data to understand how to iterate and improve event by event.
  3. The opportunity (and time) to improve your craft and acquire new skills. Whether that’s attending conferences to take inspiration and network, or trying your hand at coding, we’ll give you the support you need.

Sound good? Here’s what we’re after:

  • You’re already involved in the tech community, and have a network to call on if needed - whether that’s speakers, sponsors, or just spreading the word about our events
  • 2-3 years experience running both large-scale conferences (1000+ attendees), and smaller meet-up style events
  • Comfortable with speaking in front of crowds - you’ll be acting as host at most of these events, so knowing how to keep people engaged and excited is key
  • Know your way around a WeChat official account, and be confident navigating your way through its analytics dashboard
  • Understand how to organize a tech-based workshop or bootcamp and the pain points that come with each
  • Be a data-driven decision maker, understanding agile methodology and the metrics that matter to grow and improve
  • A creative mind. Not content with the status quo, you bring your own ideas and processes to the table, experimenting and iterating with each event to see what works
  • Based out of our Shanghai office, but bonus points if you also have links to the tech community in Shenzhen
  • Fluent English is a requirement, but Chinese is a definite plus.

What the heck are you waiting for? Apply for the best job of your life!

Here's a few reasons on why you'll have a blast, guaranteed:

  1. We build sh*t that matters for some of the biggest organizations in the world, from Google to Starbucks and the UN. We built the software running the elections of Myanmar (not kidding) and fixed HR with machine learning for billion-dollar companies.
  2. We're wicked smart, passionate and don't settle on quality. You'll get to learn from some of the smartest folks in town and grow your skills like never before.
  4. We care about each other... a lot! We try really hard to keep everybody happy, whether it's with perks (free snacks, Friday lunch, Macbook, ergonomic chair, books...), flexible working hours, company trips or generous vacation and remote work policies. Our playbook has all the deets.
  5. We use cool tech and encourage people to learn. Most of our colleagues are T-shaped. If you're not, we'll help you get there. We used Node.js, Marketing automation, React, A/B testing, Figma, Docker and design thinking before it was cool. (We know, so hipster).
  6. We have a strong culture built on trust. We're transparent and treat our colleagues like responsible adults. Read more about our culture in our playbook.
  7. We're in Berlin, Shanghai, and soon Shenzhen. We also occasionally have folks moving around offices or working remotely.

Oh, and one last thing: we do not work with recruiters, headhunters, agencies, freelancers or outsourcing companies. Cheers!