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DevOps engineer

Positions available in Berlin, Chengdu, Shanghai, Shenzhen & Wuhan.

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What you’ll do:

You will design, run and tune infrastructure for large scale apps. Think Kubernetes clusters of Node.js, Python and Golang micro-services for WeChat, mobile and Web apps with millions of users.

On a day-to-day you will;

  • Design resilient and scalable cloud architectures from start to finish on AWS, AliYun or QingCloud with Docker/Kubernetes. You will be actively involved in discussions with the rest of the product team (developers, designers and PMs) from day 1.
  • Monitor and automate hundreds of servers with Ansible, ELK, Zabbix and TICK.
  • Train and educate the rest of the team on security and performance. We all try and improve the way we build products and help each other continuously.

We are looking for someone who:

  • Has 3+ years professional experience in sysadmin, SRE or DevOps. You should be able to explain in details how you design and scale a secure architecture for millions of users.
  • Knows Linux/UNIX inside out. We spend a good amount of time troubleshooting incidents and tracking down services on Linux servers.
  • Is proficient with configuration management and monitoring/logging tools. We prefer Ansible, TICK and ELK, but Chef/Puppet/SaltStack and Zabbix/Munin will do too.
  • Loves Open Source. We actively contribute to Open Source and run events that attract thousands of people (like JSConf China).
  • Is transparent and wants to learn. We’re constantly trying out new technologies, challenging each other and discussing things in the open.
  • Value code quality. We all play an important role in shipping products that people want. This starts with elegant code.

Bonus point if you’re familiar with Node.js, Python or Golang. We won’t ask you to write APIs (although that’d be neat too), but you’ll work closely with the people who do.

About Wiredcraft

Wiredcraft is a full-stack digital agency based in Shanghai, Shenzhen & Berlin. We’re technologists, creatives and strategists helping the largest brands in the world design, create & grow digital solutions that impact millions of people.

Our clients include Starbucks, Google, Walmart, Apple, Hilton, Dior, the World Bank & the United Nations. We also create our own products (e.g.,, Pipelines, SweepBoard).

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