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Sales & Business development (Shanghai).
We need some hungry business and sales folks to help us pitch our awesome team.

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It sucks to be selling something you don’t believe in

It’s Monday morning and you’re kicking off the week. Coffee in hand, you check out your calendar; your days are sprinkled with networking events and a few client meetings. You’re pretty sure you’re gonna spend another week giving away business cards and regurgitating the same pitch, in the hope that somebody will give you and your team a shot.

The thing is, you’re not that excited with what you’re offering your clients. Either that or it’s the clients who are not that exciting.

Or maybe you simply don’t have a job yet: even better.

Wanna sell stuff your mom would be proud of?

Just look at the kind of clients we’ve worked with: the United Nations, CNN, the World Bank, USAID… We’ve done things like develop the software powering elections in Libya or Myanmar, build business intelligence for the largest electronic manufacturer in the world and help the World Bank better visualize their Open Data.

We’re now moving fast and trying to recruit as many people as we can in our three locations; Shanghai, Berlin and Washington, DC.

We’re looking for somebody who is…

  • Hungry, smart & resourceful. We are growing pretty fast and we need somebody who would work with our fearless founder, Ronan, to develop our business in the US, Europe and China. We don’t have it all figured out yet (who does?), and we hope you’d help build a sales team and formalize our business development strategy.
  • Understands technology and is at least familiar with the kind of things we do; Web & mobile, big data, data science…
  • Has charisma & patience. A sale may take a while and we’ve had fantastic results by overall being awesome, kind and patient; sooner or later people come to us with something they’d like us to build.
  • Plays nice with others. We have a distributed team and work in a very asynchronous fashion. We’re organized and invest heavily in proper communications.

What the heck are you waiting for? Join us, seriously.

We’re not only nice people, we do very interesting work:

  1. We do sh*t that matters, working on our own stuff (like and building products for folks you may have heard of like the World Bank or the UN, things like leveraging Open Data to visualize poverty and education, or designing election platforms (not kidding).
  2. We take care of our team. We will get you the gear you want (Macbook, ergonomic chair, standing desk... just ask for it), flexible working hours (and no overtime), paid personal leave, snacks, foosball competitions, WiiU play time, weekly team lunches, team-building events and our yearly company trip (this year was Berlin and Prague for 2 weeks).
  3. We spend a lot of time experimenting with new things. Most of us are dabbling in 2 or 3 fields and we love it when folks decide to learn new stuff (on company time obviously).
  4. We’re very transparent about anything that goes at the company and let people assume the role they feel comfortable with. If you feel like you can do a better job by taking over something, it’s most likely people will be happy to let you try.
  5. We’re distributed, with folks in Berlin, Shanghai, and the US.