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Fuel our growth from Berlin or Shanghai

Business developer (Berlin, Shanghai, Shenzhen)
We're looking for resourceful and hungry business folks to help us grow our clientele in Europe.

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It sucks to be selling something you don’t believe in

It’s Monday morning and you’re kicking off the week. Coffee in hand, you check out your calendar; your days are sprinkled with networking events and a few client meetings. You’re pretty sure you’re gonna spend another week giving away business cards and regurgitating the same pitch, in the hope that somebody will give you and your team a shot.

The thing is, you’re not that excited with what you’re offering your clients. Either that or it’s the clients who are not that exciting.

Or maybe you simply don’t have a job yet: even better.

Wanna sell stuff your mom would be proud of?

We work with the biggest brands in the world: Apple, Walmart, Google, the United Nations… We solve real-world problems with cutting-edge technology.

Our work impacts tens of millions of people, sometimes entire countries. We have, for example, built the software to run the elections of Myanmar and helped Starbucks to expand their digital presence in China.

We’re agile, growing fast, and now need to level up on business. That’s where you come in.

We’re looking for a business developer who is…

  • Hungry, smart & resourceful. You’ll work closely with our Berlin or Shanghai MD and the rest of the team. As the first BD hire, you’ll have to help us figure out either how to reach out to the German market first, and then Europe, or how to accelerate our growth in Shanghai, Shenzhen, HK and the rest of China. Bonus point if you’re well connected.
  • Understands technology and is at least familiar with the kind of things we do; Web & mobile, AI & machine learning…
  • Self-driven and autonomous. We move fast, in independent teams and work with large clients. We need somebody who can help us kick-start our business engine.
  • Organized. While we’re agile, we’re organized and tend to build repeatable processes. Just have a look at our playbook (especially the business section) to see what we mean.
  • Familiar with marketing and automation. We are increasingly relying on inbound marketing and automation strategies (e.g. drip campaigns, automated email follow ups…).
  • Has charisma & patience. A sale may take a while and we’ve had fantastic results by overall being awesome, kind and patient; sooner or later people come to us with something they’d like us to build.
  • Plays nice with others. We have a distributed team and work in a very asynchronous fashion. We’re organized and invest heavily in proper communications.
  • Speaks the local language whether German in Berlin or Chinese in Shanghai.

FYI, we prefer to pay fair salaries over sales commissions but are open to discussion. We believe this helps align business incentives with the goals or needs of our team and customers.

What the heck are you waiting for? Apply for the best job of your life!

Here's a few reasons on why you'll have a blast, guaranteed:

  1. We build sh*t that matters for some of the biggest organizations in the world, from Google to Starbucks and the UN. We built the software running the elections of Myanmar (not kidding) and fixed HR with machine learning for billion-dollar companies.
  2. We're wicked smart, passionate and don't settle on quality. You'll get to learn from some of the smartest folks in town and grow your skills like never before.
  4. We care about each other... a lot! We try really hard to keep everybody happy, whether it's with perks (free snacks, Friday lunch, Macbook, ergonomic chair, books...), flexible working hours, company trips or generous vacation and remote work policies. Our playbook has all the deets.
  5. We use cool tech and encourage people to learn. Most of our colleagues are T-shaped. If you're not, we'll help you get there. We used Node.js, Marketing automation, React, A/B testing, Figma, Docker and design thinking before it was cool. (We know, so hipster).
  6. We have a strong culture built on trust. We're transparent and treat our colleagues like responsible adults. Read more about our culture in our playbook.
  7. We're in Berlin, Shanghai, and soon Shenzhen. We also occasionally have folks moving around offices or working remotely.

Oh, and one last thing: we do not work with recruiters, headhunters, agencies, freelancers or outsourcing companies. Cheers!