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Wiredcraft is now in Berlin: Wunderbar!

Ronan Berder on

Wiredcraft Berlin Office

Last summer, we flew our whole team to Germany and the Czech Republic for a well deserved break. We also announced that we would be opening up an office here in Berlin. After a lot of beer, Wurst and Schnitzel, we did just that.

You can now find Wiredcraft GmbH i.G. at Axel-Springer-Str. 54B in Berlin.

Dominika, our first local employee, will be joined by 3 other staff members by next month. Given the insane amount of awesome applications we received, we’re pretty sure we’ll be growing at a steady pace.

If you’re looking for a team to help you design, build and scale your Web or mobile product, give us a shout. We’re known to dabble in a wide range of technologies (React, Golang, Node.js, Python…), tools (Ansible, Docker, …) and occasionally design hardware. We’re also suckers for good UI and UX.

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