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Designing with Empathy - A User Experience Talk

Thomas Portolano on

Logo for our Shanghai about designing with empathy in UI/UX design process

Gabriel Jorby from 960dots explores the notion of empathy and how it’s related to UI/UX, how it helps to think about the user experience and designing interface. Wiredcraft organizes monthly Meetup for UI/UX designer to gather the community and invite brilliant minds to share their ideas on the mic. This talk was part of the Meetup organized in January 2016 and hosted at Imagination.

In the second part, Gabriel explains the practical applications of empathy in the design process.

And if you’re interested in digging the subject more, Gabriel answers a couple of great questions from our audience in the final part, you can also catch up with him on Twitter.

You should join us and RSVP early on Meetup for the March’s meetup. See yourself on stage? Send us a tweet and we’ll make it happen.

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