Second Stop of the Drupal Tour; Shenzhen

Drupal meetup in Shenzhen

Last Saturday, myself and Jackey headed down Shenzhen for the second stop of our Drupal Tour in China. There we met with roughly 30 other enthusiasts for an afternoon of nerdiness, discussing performance and scalability with Drupal, introducing Views 3 and answering the (many) questions of the local community. Some people made the trip from Xiamen, Guanzhou and Hong Kong to be there that day and it seems most got what they came for.

We’ll soon be in Xiamen, before heading to Shanghai and Beijing, and hopefully Nanjing and Hanghzou; if you’re from one of these two cities and wish to help us build the local community, get in touch with us through Drupal Groups or drop us an email.

We would like to thank our host, Chaihuo, Shenzhen’s very own hacker space. Highly recommended if you’re living in Shenzhen and want to build stuff with your own hands or just work out of a cool space.

Some pictures of the event can be found on flickr, as for the actual presentations that me and my colleague gave:

上周六,我和Jackey前往深圳举办了Drupal交流研讨会的第二场讲演。在那里我们认识了其他近30位Drupal爱好者,并与大家一起讨论了Drupal的performance和scalability、介绍了Views 3,并回答了其他许多由各地方组织提出的问题。一些从厦门,广州和香港特地赶来的朋友都表示不枉此行。


在这里,我们要感谢柴火创客空间 为我们的Drupal深圳站提供的大力支持。如果你生活在深圳,如果你想通过自己的双手制作一些有趣的玩意儿,强烈推荐你来这个超酷的地方一展身手!

我们已将深圳站的活动照片 发布在flickr上,以下是我和我同事的当天演讲内容:

You’ll find also everything you need to know on our events page.

Ronan Berder
Posted on March 14, 2012 in Events, Technology

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