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Reason vs Rationalisation and Video Games Player Profiles to help UI/UX Design

Thomas Portolano on

Logo for our Shanghai about designing with empathy in UI/UX design process

This month we had two fantastic speakers using a very different approach to UI/UX design. Mark Parnell told us why every decision in design should be explainable with reason and strong arguments… until a certain point. Thanks again Mark for your, both, fun and instructive talk. Alec Walker spoke about gamification - which is everywhere now. His research about player profiles in video games, and might help you not to target the wrong audience when you’re thinking about including gamification, rewards or achievements to your experience.

Reasons vs. Rationalization: Justifying your design decisions

UI/UX decisions in the light of videogame player research

Frog Design is hosting our next UI/UX Design event in Shanghai and my marketing team mates in DC (Jonathan) and Berlin (Katie) are already getting ready to organize events there as well.

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