Open Source meetups in Shanghai

Some of us have been organizing Open Source related events in Shanghai since 2008; BarCamp, Drupal meetups, Geek Out… Somehow we feel that Shanghai still lack of regular events for the tech crowd. We’ve tried to grow local Open Source communities in the past and recently stepped down from leading the local Drupal meetups to focus on preparing alternative events. We’ll still be attending these meetups, and others such as the SHLUG for example, but we will spend our resources organizing events for the Open Source and tech audiences at large. We definitely target the locals, meaning we want to cater to the Chinese geeks before anything else. It could mean that some of our discussions will be Chinese only, but we think it is the best way to go.

We will kick things off this Wednesday with a Hacker News meetup at Abbey Road, starting 7:00 PM. We’ll happily pay a round of beers to the first ones at the bar. We welcome anybody interested in anything tech or Open Source; we ourselves will probably be eager to chat about the whole range of technologies we play with (node.js, Elastic Search, Sphinx, Python, GIS, Puppet, Android, jQuery, Drupal, backbone.js…) and are happy to hear about what you’re working on. This event is pretty informal; no definite track or presentation, just a bunch of tech addicts chatting around a few beers and snacks.

We intend to hold such an event once to twice and month and are in the making of the first instance of the Shanghai Open Source meetup, which will happen every month. Let us know if you want to help; sponsoring is always appreciated…

You’ll find also everything you need to know on our events page.

Vincent Viallet
Posted on September 05, 2011 in Events, Technology

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