Myanmar Township Voter Registration Pilot


IFES and UEC are preparing and organizing Myanmar’s first democratic election in 25 years. Wiredcraft has been working on creating the Voter Registration tool chain for the upcoming elections, including the township voter registration (TVR) system. We just shipped this product and one of our consultants, Quentin Berder, has traveled to Kyauktada Township in the center of downtown Yangon, Myanmar to help run a pilot program for the TVR system.

The TVR system was developed as a desktop client and was tailor made for the UEC to take into account the specificities of the Myanmar electoral law. The TVR is predominantly in the Myanmar language and allows for designated UEC agents to update registrants information right from their township. Other key components such as listings generation, poll allocation or data export were also added to provide as much autonomy as possible to the system.

working with team

We are working the pilot program with 10 laptops and a group of state workers from the UEC to review the design, user workflow and implementation of our solution. We are currently running it with a database of around 19,000 voters registered in the database. By taking the voters from one of the biggest and diverse townships in Myanmar, it allowed for the most permutations of tests. We are going through all of the steps of the deployment scenario on the ground: installation of the system, forms submission, voter search, administration of the TVR system and integration as well as management of the Meyo (Myanmar’s polling station delimitation).

TVR system

By working with the UEC on field testing, we are able to collect on the ground feedback and review from the state workers and the township officials. We are looking forward to taking the feedback from the Myanmar pilot program to make final adjustments and work on updates for the final phases of the TVR system.

Posted on June 10, 2015 in Case studies, Data, Technology

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