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JavaScript Meetup Shanghai March

Katie Richard on

JavaScript Meetup Shanghai March 14th Flier

Join us for the March 14th JavaScript Meetup. You can snack on pizzas and have a few drinks provided by Wiredcraft starting at 7pm and chat with friends. Talks will begin at 7:30.

100 Anxi Rd, near YuYuan Road

安西路100号, 愚园路

We will have presentations by:

  1. Stefan Berder CEO of GAMS on “Security for the Lazy JS dev”

  2. Chris Miller Co-founder of Path Evolution on “JavaScript Prototypes and You”

Lightning talks featuring YOU!

Lightning talks are an opportunity for you to share a personal project, idea or theory with the community. If you are interested in speaking at one you can just let the event organizers know at the event or you can email the event organizers in advance.

If you’d like to speak at a future Meetup or have suggestion for next venue, you can talk to Coco ([email protected]).


For more details visit the Shanghai JavaScript Meetup page.

Can’t make the event? Subscribe to Wiredcraft’s youtube channel to watch recordings from the meetup events.