JavaScript Meetup December

The last JavaScript Meetup of the year is happening on Wednesday, December 9th at 7pm. You can find us at People Squared in Jing’an.

1st Floor, No. 3 Building, 28 East Yu Yuan Road, Jing’an District, 200031

创客中心 静安区愚园东路28号3号楼1层 上海创客中心 200031

We have three great speakers for this month’s meetup.

Patrick Johnson from Shanghai Appmaker will be speaking on “Rapid Generation of APIs Using Sails.js.” With the evolution of ‘the modern web’, website development requirements are frequently changing, and data driven front-end heavy apps are becoming increasingly common. Sails.js is a MVC framework, based on NodeJS and ExpressJS, for rapidly generating REST API’s to consume using AJAX/Websockets. Patrick will demonstrate the advantages of this framework, specifically focusing on how quickly one can leverage Sails to save large amounts of development time, which can then be appropriated to the front-end, where it’s needed the most.

Rita Zhang from Microsoft will be speaking on “Coding in the Open: Open Source at Microsoft.” Rita is an Open Source Engineer at Microsoft, hacking away with engineering teams inside Microsoft, open source communities, and startups. In this talk, she will candidly and openly talk about how open source is used inside Microsoft, how folks team up with communities outside the Microsoft ecosystem, and what the Redmond company is doing to make developers working in a bunch of diverse environments happy.

Chriest Yu from EF Labs will talk about “How I Keep Bower Happy Behind the Wall.” Due to some “unknown reasons”, resources abroad are hard to fetch when client is inside China, this makes bower unhappy. Chriest’s talk will be about the story of fighting against The Wall.


For more details visit the Shanghai JavaScript Meetup page

You’ll find also everything you need to know on our events page.

Posted on December 07, 2015 in Technology, Events

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