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Data center security and JavaScript Prototyping - Our JavaScript monthly talks

Thomas Portolano on

JavaScript Meetup Shanghai March 14th Flier

The JavaScript meetup is over, hooray for the next JavaScript meetup.

We have two good infos for you: first, our last JS event videos are better than the previous - both talk are available below. Second, the next JS event is already scheduled.

Last week, Stefan Berder from Gams told us about security and how to make your data center and code environment as secure as possible with several best practices.

Shanghai JS Meetup part 1

Chris Miller from Scalable Path joined the party as well to talk about objects and prototyping in JavaScript.

Shanghai JS Meetup part 2

These videos are available on Youtube and if you’re interested in JavaScript, you’ll find plenty of talks from the ShenJS Conference that we organized last year.