How to Create an Illustration in Sketch with 3 Simple Shapes

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We drew 18 famous robots for (one of our products), and we have received a lot of feedback and questions on how to create these illustrations in Sketch. Although it looks really complex it’s actually not, you can make these robots really quickly and easily in Sketch using just a rectangle, circle and a line.


We’ll teach you the shortcuts we used to make 98% of the steps easier. With our methods you won’t need to use a pen tool to add vector points or measure and adjust the curves. You, also, won’t need to use the mouse to look up the sketch menu to find and use the functions.

Here is the tutorial on how we made Robby the Robot in Sketch.

You can see below that we divided the robot into serval parts and when we finished all the parts we just put them into the right position.


Step 1: Creating the body and head


Step 2: Details for head





Step 3: Creating the Mouth


Step 4: Creating the Neck


Step 5: Move in to place


Voilà! Robby the Robot is done.

Posted on August 20, 2015 in Design

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