Creating a premier digital experience for GUCCI on WeChat

We revamped GUCCI’s e-commerce on WeChat, focusing on creating a unique, premium experience that drives revenue.

Luxury fashion powerhouse GUCCI relies heavily on Chinese market. According to Barclays, last year China accounted for around 35% of GUCCI’s annual sales.

As one of the most beloved high-end brands among Chinese customers, GUCCI has been constantly modernizing its strategies to win China over since its entry in 2006.

Wiredcraft helped GUCCI revamp its e-commerce on WeChat mini-program, with the aim of providing premium experience for its customers to boost conversions.

The result: practical, implementable digital strategies for the luxury giant in under three weeks.

What we did

  • Stakeholder interviews

  • Audit and benchmark

  • Strategy revamp

  • Feature plan

  • Product management

  • Customer journey mapping

  • UX suggestions

  • Roadmap


Meeting GUCCI’s needs on WeChat

We conducted comprehensive research, which included stakeholder interviews and audits of data and UX design.

During our stakeholder interviews, several key insights emerged.

  • First, there is a strong demand for more localized content and features to better align with the preferences of the Chinese audience.

  • Our analysis revealed distinct and valuable customer segments: explorers, VIPs, and gifters. Each group requires tailored strategies due to their varying characteristics and shopping habits.

  • To optimize WeChat ad strategies, it became evident that aligning ad content with landing pages is crucial for success.

Our in-depth data and UX audit indicated the need to:

  • strike a better balance between organic and paid traffic to enhance user engagement and exploration;

  • provide the right content at the right time, in an organized and consistent manner to prevent drop-offs;

  • offer more scenario-based shopping options.

  • optimize “MY” page to provide a more personalized and user-friendly experience;

  • create more flexible modules for the brand’s creative expression.


Enhancing customer engagement

Wiredcraft adhered to several guiding principles aimed at delivering a seamless and engaging experience:

  • reducing friction points to achieve a healthier funnel, ensuring that users effortlessly progress through the platform;

  • tailoring to the key audiences with various types of storytelling, creating a more personalized connection;

  • ensuring a natural flow from module to another, maintaining the user’s engagement throughout their journey.

We identified three major customer groups, each requiring specific attention.

  • For explorers group the goal was to increase engagement, loyalty, and referrals;

  • For VIPs, we aimed to establish higher-quality connections between sales and VIPs, digitally transforming their interactions;

  • For gifters, we focused on integrating gifting into the product display page and extending the gifting journey to enhance new customer acquisition and retention.

Exciting features for GUCCI’s success

Standard e-commerce tabs and modules often struggled to engage users and encourage repeat visits. Wiredcraft executed a revamp plan centered on optimizing the user experience.

By introducing a “dynamic space” tab, GUCCI would gain a dedicated platform for gift inspiration, storytelling, campaign promotion, fashion show highlights, and more. This dynamic space would empower GUCCI to offer a personalized, engaging and captivating digital shopping experience.

Regarding the “MY” page, we proposed the strategies that position it as the premier destination for a personalized experience that would continuously engage and reactivate both new and VIP customers.

By adding features like Wardrobe looks for outfit inspiration, customized E-cards, and new video and store consultation options, this would encourage users to keep returning for personal assets and GUCCI’s premium service.

We also crafted brand-specific phrases based on GUCCI’s business needs and led a workshop to facilitate their future implementation.

Scan the QR codes and explore the world of GUCCI on WeChat:


Xinyi Song
Digital Marketing Manager
Posted on October 19, 2023 in Case studies

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