February Shanghai Drupal meetup

This is another edition of our monthly Drupal meetup; if you are in Shanghai and want to learn more about Drupal, just come around. We are all Open Source enthusiasts and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions .

In the light of the recent addition of Simplified Chinese to Localize.Drupal.org, we will present the fundamental concepts of multilingual features in Drupal;

  • How to install and set Drupal in Chinese,
  • How to modify Drupal translations,
  • How to build a language package and how to collaborate,

Be prepared to hear a lot about l10n (localization) and i18n (internationalization). See you this Thursday, 18:00 at Wiredcraft’s office; 172 Jinxian Lu, Luwan District, Shanghai (duh!).

Chinese reader can find an announcement of this event in their own language on DrupalChina.org: http://drupalchina.org/node/8160.

Ronan Berder
Posted on February 03, 2010 in Events, Technology

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