The Differences Between Chinese and American Apps on Mobile

This video talk explores the main differences and characteristics between chinese and american apps on mobile. A must watch to understand the chinese app market.

A whole world separates user habits in America and China. On mobile, the differences are gigantic. Interested in launching your own app on the Chinese market? Take a breath, think twice about it, and start with this must-watch video to understand the fundamentals of the app market in China.

In February, at a design event Wiredcraft organized in Shanghai, Crayon Hsieh from SapientNitro humorously examined the biggest differences you need to understand in user interface and usage habits.

Crayon explored the complexity and diversity of the “app-scape” in China, which, in short, is less focused on the App Store and Google Play, with a large section devoted to customized apps and different user interfaces, especially for login, navigation, and payment.

The first part of Crayon’s talk was about user interface: the login and payment process, the large number of marketplaces for apps, Pinyin, QR codes, voice messaging, and the differences in navigation paths.

Part 1 - Shanghai UI/UX Designers Meetup

Later, Crayon talked about the notion of privacy in Chinese apps, the extensive use of chat apps, digital wallets, comment boards, and emoji habits.

Part 2 - Shanghai UI/UX Designers Meetup

During the questions, Crayon gave a very interesting answer about the link between interface and cultural factors and its place in the design process.

Q & A - Shanghai UI/UX Designers Meetup

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Posted on March 03, 2016 in Design, Technology

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