Celebrating 180 Year’s Virtuosity with Tiffany & Co in a Visionary and Digital Way

Wiredcraft worked with Tiffany & Co on building an all-in-one events O2O mini program to connect with their digital savvy audience.

Tiffany & Co, the iconic jewelry brand, opened their “Vision & Virtuosity” exhibition in Shanghai on September 23rd, 2019 to celebrate its 180 years of artistry. By scale, the exhibition is their largest in almost a century. For this project, Tiffany chose to work with Wiredcraft to build a Mini Program that supported the exhibition from ticketing, cross channel O2O experience and on-site activities.

Thanks to Tiffany & Co, visitors will get to enjoy 6 chapters of a glorious jewelry journey at the Fosun Foundation, and appreciate the classic history and values that draw from its New York roots. The exhibition ticket sales will be donated to Fosun Foundation and its charitable programs, which is famous for its dedication to local art and craftsmanship in its foundation mission.

Discovering O2O experience with wider perspective

In China, consumers are hyper-connected no matter they live in first-tier cities or the country’s booming smaller towns. A Mini Program dedicated for a single brand’s event and related services is becoming a common practice. Online to offline (O2O), a digital technique that is utilized by many retail brands, can be applied widely.

Inside Tiffany’s Mini Program, visitors book a visit to the exhibition on a specific day and time slot. On arrival, visitors show their QR codes to check-in, and an audio guide is provided for on-site visitors to enhance the experience. There are also gamification features, such as the Tiffany Dreamland Quiz, and Reveal Your Tiffany Puzzle, which are mini-games to engage users.

Often times, attending an exhibition means a single journey for all, with visitors walking along the objects on-site and reading the accompanying descriptions. The touring experience can become fuzzy and disjointed when the venue gets too crowded. With Tiffany’s Mini Program, visitors are able to complete a series of actions before and during the exhibition in one place and are ensured a smooth journey from booking, checking in, and unlocking the audio guide. On-site, visitors have total freedom to get to know an exhibit in detail, whether it’s by reading descriptions or by listening to the audio description in the Mini Program.

Connecting with audience using rich content and gamification

A Mini Program, like a website or an APP, is a significant playground where brands to strengthen and extend their brand identity. The content to be displayed there should not just be random content copied from website or other marketing brochure. This is why digital strategy should be considered from the first day. Not only will it guide you through the darkness of the forest that is digital product, but it can also shine a light to help you navigate the content jungle.

With showcasing virtuosity being the core message of the exhibition, the Mini Program is set to bring out Tiffany’s rich history and cultural value for China’s younger generations, while also building continuous engagement with various content formats. For example, Tiffany provides on-site visitors with guided audio for every exhibit, that is read by 3 Chinese celebrities (张艾嘉,赵又廷 and 刘昊然), a great way to add a personal touch to this iconic brand.

For engagement, mini games like Tiffany Dreamland Quiz, Tiffany Blue Box Memory Challenge, Tiffany Puzzle, and Virtual Jewelry Box were built to convey Tiffany’s cultural legacy while also entertaining users before and after the exhibition.

Solid and Agile OMNI Backend Services

When reviewing the project requirements from Tiffany, our development team got under the skin of the project scope and determined the necessity of a solid architecture due to the huge brand impact and the scalability of the services needed for the multiple functionalities inside the Mini Program.

After the launch of the exhibition, celebrity marketing strategy continued to drive massive traffic spikes in a condensed time period. Tiffany needed a robust and scalable system that could handle massive traffic surges with ease, and OMNI was a natural fit. By leveraging the blazing efficiency of OMNI Events crossed with the solid frontend infrastructure of the WeChat Mini Program platform, we created a seamless end-to-end experience with rock solid stability.

Posted on January 19, 2020 in Case studies

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