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We're a group of hackers (Hacker News) who meet monthly to chat about technology, design, innovation, and entrepreneurship. If you'd like to meet with other like-minded individuals (technologists, designers, geeks) for drinks and discussion of latest trends, personal projects, etc., this is the Meetup for you. We meet the first Thursday of every month.


我们的聚会没有特定的主题。无论您是 Hacker News 或类似新闻的读者,或是某项技术的专家、爱好者,抑或是企业家等等,都非常欢迎您来与我们讨论各种您感兴趣的话题,或者闲聊。每个月第一个星期四举行。


  • Date & time: December 3, 2015 from 7:00 PM(right after work)
  • Place: Daga Brew Pub, 100 Fuxing Xi Lu(near Yongfu Lu)

You can check all the event's details on weibo. We'll probably be chilling inside near a heater; look for the table with a "招财猫" ("Lucky Cat"). Free first round of beers for the first 10 attendees; we'll also have some snacks and dips.


  • Date & time: 2015年 12月 3日,下午7:00开始(下班之后)
  • Place: Daga Brew Pub,复兴西路100号(近永福路)

您可以到 新浪微博 查看详情。我们将很可能在院子里,请寻找放置有“招财猫”的桌子。前10位与会者将获赠一杯啤酒,此外我们还将提供免费小食。


We are a team of Web and mobile technologists working at a small company in Shanghai; we like node.js, Python, Linux, Drupal, Ruby, GIS, Android and many, many other (Open Source) technologies.


我们是位于上海的一个小公司,主营网络和移动技术。我们热爱诸如 Node.js、Python、Linux、Drupal 等各种开源技术。

Contact us

To contact us send an email to hn -at- wiredcraft.com.


发送邮件至hn -at- wiredcraft.com联系我们。