Data visualization at scale with the World Bank

Our team works closely with the World Bank to improve, extend and scale, the main front-end for their Open Data initiatives.

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Election software for the Southern Sudan Referendum

In 2011, our team took part in history, building with the Sudanese authorities and IFES a secure and reliable sofware infrastructure to process the votes of the Southern Sudan Referendum.

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Data visualization at scale with the World Bank Election software for the Southern Sudan Referendum Visualizing transportation data with Embarq

Our portfolio speaks for itself

From Khartoum, to San Francisco, to Paris, and back again, our work spans the globe. We collaborate with a variety of clients, including the Fortune 500 and the largest NGOs.

  • The World Resource Institute

  • Safecast

  • Results for Development

  • Population Council

  • Internews

  • Embarq

How we can help you

We love data. We create web and mobile applications that harness our clients' data. We build and automate infrastructure that scales with Big Data. We develop platforms that visualize and analyze complex data sets. But above all, we are problem solvers helping our clients gain value from their data.

  • Strategy


    We help you craft an actionable plan

    Our strategists and engineers use their experience in product development, design, and strategy to develop solutions serving your goals. There are no canned answers.

  • Development


    We design scalable software with the right technology

    We keep our technical skills sharp and diverse while choosing the best tools for the job. We invest in Open Source and contribute to developer communities (node.js, PHP, Erlang, and more). We value methodology and results over adherence to a particular framework.

  • Infrastructure


    We help you automate and scale your infrastructure

    Whether you maintain bare metal servers or leverage cloud service providers like AWS or Rackspace we can help better manage your infrastructure. From configuration management and monitoring to DevOps, we use tools and methodologies enabling responsive and scalable operations.

  • Design

    UI & UX

    We create what your users want

    We craft how users relate to your software the same way we develop it: quick iterations driven by data and transparent collaboration. With a deep understanding of your application's audience and goals we develop an experience optimizing user engagement.

Who we are

We're a tight-knit team of talented individuals. We are French, Chinese, American, Korean, and Finnish. We love Open Source and foster transparency across our organization.

  • Picture of Ronan Berder Ronan Berder Founder
  • Picture of Quentin Berder Quentin Berder CEO
  • Picture of Makara Wang Makara Wang CTO
  • Picture of Vincent Viallet Vincent Viallet Infrastructure
  • Picture of Alexander Hancock Alexander Hancock CCO
  • Picture of Yuki Gu Yuki Gu Designer
  • Picture of Fraser Xu Fraser Xu Developer
  • Picture of Xeodou Li Xeodou Li Developer
  • Picture of Kuno Guan Kuno Guan Developer
  • Picture of Juha Suomalainen Juha Suomalainen Developer
  • Picture of James Stobbs James Stobbs Developer
  • Picture of Frank Dou Frank Dou UI
  • Picture of Claire Sheng Claire Sheng Administration
  • Picture of Baruch Berger Baruch Berger Developer